Kindergarten to Grade Three: Dr. Seuss UU Style

Our K/1 and 2/3 Class have finished with their regular curricula and have joined together as we present this new curriculum. The curriculum we have chosen for the younger school age youth is titled “Dr. Seuss Changed My Life”, developed by Cathy Cartwright, Director of Children’s RE at First Unitarian Church in Portland, Oregon. As you may know, .Dr. Seuss’ stories are more than just catchy poems; they often wrestle with serious philosophical and moral dilemmas, whether it is Horton discovering the very essence of life or the Lorax teaching us about morality, the nature of knowledge in McElligot’s Pool (1947), postmodernity in On Beyond Zebra, thoughtful issues concerning the environment and anti-consumerism in The Lorax (1971), racial equality in The Sneetches (1961), the arms race in The Butter Battle Book (1984), Yertle the Turtle (1958) about Hitler and anti-authoritarianism, or Horton Hears a Who! (1950) about anti-isolationism and internationalism.

Fourth and Fifth Grade: You the New Creator

Like the earlier grade levels, the fourth and fifth grade students have finished up their regular curriculum. We are presenting them with some select selections from You the New Creator. You the New creator is an activity-based program of creative empowerment: role plays, continuums, drawing, sculpting, and designing perfect people are some of the included activities. The goal of the program is creative empowerment: helping all participants discover themselves as creators and as one with positive and universal creative forces.