Grades Six to Eight: You the New Creator and You the Digital Creator

Working with the middle school kids is truly amazing and lots of fun! Unlike the younger groups, kids at this age are able to think abstractly. You the New creator is an activity-based program of creative empowerment: role plays, continuums, drawing, sculpting, and designing perfect people are some of the included activities. The goal of the program is creative empowerment: helping all participants discover themselves as creators and as one with positive and universal creative forces. The You the New Creator curriculum will be occasionally supplemented with You the Digital Creator. Similar to New Creator, Digital Creator makes use of technology. The digital revolution can bring new creative power that youth can use to shape their future lives. This program helps them understand and apply their new power in positive ways. Any needed technology will be provided; youth can also use their own devices (such as smartphones) if they wish. These curricula are not available for online perusing, so please contact Kathleen to have a look at either or both.